PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 by Valeria Teles in FIT FOR JOY

“Cultivating habits that distract us from understanding the real sources of our pain can be very attractive to some of us. Discovering the real sources of our suffering takes not only hard work, but genuine intention to end suffering. Not all of us are ready to let go of what propels us into habitual ways of thinking and living. We have the tendency to hold on to anything that is familiar and makes us feel comfortable, even when in actuality we are extremely uncomfortable. Of course, it’s not that we like to suffer—we’d just rather maintain our conventional way of thinking, which accepts unnecessary suffering as something normal.

It is true that we are conditioned to experience pain in this life; however, most of our suffering is self-created. An example of this is how convinced we are that happiness will come someday with hard work, even if the hard work makes us unhappy every day before we get to our goal. What we don’t realize is that suffering now and expecting happiness in the future is like running a marathon to have a guilt-free moment of enjoyment with delicious, high calorie foods.”

Valeria Teles, in “Fit for Joy”

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