CORRECTION TO Special Ponder on This Update sent Saturday, August 10, 2019

NOTE: When this was initially published on Saturday 8/10 and then emailed to subscribers it was missing the link to the article because yours truly was in a hurry and failed to attach it. That issue has been corrected with this version.

Recently I was interviewed for a Podcast by an author named Valeria Teles who operates a website at Earlier this year I included a passage from Valeria’s first book here on, and in the aftermath of that she extended her invitation to me. The interview is now live at this LINK.

We talked extensively about spirituality and personal growth that day, and the conversation flowed very smoothly. None of the answers to her questions were scripted since I purposely asked not to know in advance what she would ask. That led to a very interesting and inspiring discussion since it was truly all “in the moment,” so to speak.

As a subscriber to this site you are, of course, under no obligation to listen to this, and, I truly feel that there is solid value in the information that was shared that day so that’s why I posted this today.

Thank you.

Jeff at

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