BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 by Stuart Wilde in AFFIRMATIONS

“Never, ever give your word to anyone in order to accommodate them…only do so if you endorse the promises you make. If people want you to do something against your wishes, you will explain lovingly and politely, that you do not wish to be committed in this way. Next…give your word only rarely, and never when you do not have to. It is so simple to say to someone, “I am sorry, but I cannot make that commitment at this time.” Remember, the human mind is used to being put off. It constantly makes demands that it knows will not be fulfilled instantly. And it accepts “later” as a natural part of reality. Choosing not to commit yourself reduces your chances by default.

Next, if you ever give your word, you will absolutely follow through on your commitment. If circumstances do not allow you to follow through, then you will use those circumstances to learn about the way consciousness flows, and next time, avoid a similar situation.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Affirmations”

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