BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 by Gary Zukav & Linda Francis in THE MIND OF THE SOUL

“Your reactions to anger, jealousy, and fear are not the only reactions you are capable of. They are simply choices you have made so often that you cannot imagine choosing otherwise, but they are choices nonetheless. When you react angrily, you create the same experiences you created when you reacted angrily in the past, and when you react in fear, jealousy, or vengefulness, you do the same thing. You put yourself into a self-constructed prison where you will remain until you choose different responses. You are the prisoner and you are also the only one who can set you free. Which role do you choose?

You may have been born angry but you do not need to die angry. Anger is a class in Earth school from which you must graduate. Until you do, you will experience the destructive consequences of anger. How long you remain in this class is your choice.”

Gary Zukav & Linda Francis, in “The Mind of the Soul”

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