BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 by Dean Shrock in WHY LOVE HEALS

“The research and common sense are that you feel best and are most healthy when you are able to be yourself, when you are being unique. You didn’t learn to be unique. Most of us learned to conform to the beliefs and values of our parents. You weren’t stupid – if you were going to be yelled at and made to feel unworthy and unloved for not obeying your parents or other authority figures, you’re going to soon catch on. You learn to equate love with conforming.

Your inner critic, like your ego, is simply a survival mechanism doing its best to help you make it in the world. As you experience more and more thoughts and feelings of separation and fear vs. oneness and love, you subconsciously create aspects or sub personalities of yourself that you come to believe are who you really are. They include your inner critic, rule maker, pleaser, responsible parents, and other selves. These “selves” that you call your personality, were developed by your subconscious, and take over when you’re feeling vulnerable. And your beliefs about who you are will be reflected in your primary relationships in particular. They are your mirrors.”

Dean Shrock, in “Why Love Heals”

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