BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 by Fr. Anthony DeMello S.J. in THE WAY TO LOVE

“Has it ever struck you that you have been programmed to be unhappy and so no matter what you do to become happy, you are bound to fail? It is as if you fed mathematical equations into a computer and then failed each time you pushed it to turn out lines from Shakespeare.

If you wish to be happy, the first thing you need is not effort or even goodwill or good desires but a clear understanding of how exactly you have been programmed. This is what happened: First your society and your culture taught you to believe that you would not be happy without certain persons and certain things…Once you swallowed your belief you naturally developed an attachment to this person or thing you were convinced you could not be happy without…And, here is something else to ponder on: Each time you are anxious and afraid, it is because you may lose or fail to get the object of your attachment, isn’t it?…

Almost every negative emotion you experience is the direct outcome of an attachment.”

Fr. Anthony DeMello S.J., in “The Way to Love”

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