BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, January 13th, 2020 by Laura Alden Kamm in INTUITIVE WELLNESS

“As you make progress in mastering your mind, guided by the wisdom of whatever spiritually based path you have chosen, you will at times face abrupt changes. These sudden shifts in consciousness can sometimes throw you that all powerful cosmic curveball, making you question what you are doing and just where you are going with all of this.

We’ve all experienced it. There you are, walking along on your personally fashioned yellow brick road to enlightenment, when suddenly chaos strikes. Old crazy thoughts swirl in and out of your consciousness like tornadoes. What makes it worse is that these are the very thoughts that have beaten you down, shamed you, cursed you, and thrown you into a repressed or depressed state in the past. They are the thoughts that you have been so dedicated to eradicating from your life…On and on they go, rattling around in your consciousness, loud, ugly, and relentless.

But the good news is that when these thoughts arise, it means that they’re lifting away from your body’s cellular memory, as well as from the old constructs of your mind that created the reality. The work you have been doing to master your mind is getting results! You are succeeding at releasing those thoughts and constructs, and you are in the process of changing the binding reality that has kept you shackled; you are fully engaged in creating your new reality.”

Laura Alden Kamm, in “Intuitive Wellness”

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