BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 30th, 2020 by Shakti Gawain in CREATIVE VISUALIZATION

“In order to use creative visualization to create what you want in life, you must be willing and able to accept the best that life has to offer you – your “good.” Strange as it may seem, many of us have difficulty accepting the possibility of having what we want in life. This usually stems from some basic feelings of unworthiness which we took on at a very early age. The basic belief goes something like this: “I’m really not a very good (lovable, worthwhile) person so that I don’t deserve to have the best.”

This belief is usually mixed with other, sometimes contradictory feelings that you really are perfectly good and deserving. But if you find that you have any difficulty imagining yourself in the most wonderful possible circumstances, or that you have thoughts like “I could never have that” or “That couldn’t possibly happen to me,” it might be well to take a good look at your self-image…

Affirmations and creative visualization are a wonderful way of creating a more positive and loving self-image. Once you get in touch with the ways in which you are not loving yourself, begin to take every opportunity to tell yourself positive, appreciative, loving things. Notice when you are being mentally harsh or critical with yourself, and consciously begin being kinder and more appreciative. You will find this immediately helps you to be more loving towards others, as well.”

Shakti Gawain, in “Creative Visualization”

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