BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 by Misa Hopkins in THE ROOT OF ALL HEALING

“If you try, the word itself implies putting in effort without guaranteeing success. Trying, though commonly stated in regard to healing oneself, is really a waste of energy. Why try at all if you are willing to accept any outcome? Here is what is likely to happen if you decided to try. Initially you might begin to heal and as the healing requires more clarity of focus, diligence and belief, you get tired and give up. Or if you aren’t seeing results fast enough you give up. Or you begin to doubt that it is really working. In any case, because try implies your efforts might or might not work, your healing progress slides and your worst fears are confirmed. Whatever you were doing didn’t work. Now you can tell yourself, “I tried, but it didn’t work.”

Remember Yoda’s instructions to Luke in Star Wars when he was learning how to levitate objects. When Yoda instructed Luke to levitate his ship out of the water, Luke told Yoda he would try to do it. Yoda instructed him, “Do, or do not. There is no try.” Whether you are levitating your space ship or healing your body, the same principle applies. These aren’t just inspiring words from a good movie script. These are words for life…When it comes to healing, trying is a waste of your energy. If you want to heal, commit your mind, body and heart to making that outcome a reality, and do.”

Misa Hopkins, in “The Root of All Healing”

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