BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, June 15th, 2020 by Terry Cole-Whittaker in LIVE YOUR BLISS

“Blame is the refusal to accept responsibility for our actions, for our feelings, and for whatever is happening in our life. We look for the guilty party, the one who did this to us, who upset us, who made us mad, who prevented our success, who disappointed us, who broke her promise, who ruined our life. We make this person (or group) the cause of our problems; we are the innocent bystander, the good soul who was taken advantage of. But it is certain that, if we were there we had something to do with what happened.

The first name at the top of the list is God’s. “How could God do this to me?” we may ask. “After all, I pray and am a good person.” The key to liberation and power is to understand that we have free will, and not even God interferes with our choices; not even God tells us what to think, feel or want. By the basic law of life – cause and effect – whatever we set in motion by our conscious thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions will take form in the people, places, things, and circumstances surrounding us…

Once we recognize that something that has happened is a mirror that reflects back to us a lesson we need to learn, and stop blaming others, including ourselves, we can get the lesson and be grateful for it and to those who played their part.”

Terry Cole-Whittaker, in “Live Your Bliss”

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