BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, July 9th, 2020 by John St. Augustine in EVERY MOMENT MATTERS

“What is it that speaks to us and says, “go back” or “turn left”? I suppose it has many names – intuition, the inner voice or guide – but those are just human terms for something that seems to be more “being” than “human,” and also seems to get easier to hear the more connected we become to the inner world. For me, it was on a walk, but it has also happened while I am driving or very tired, when my resistance to inner instruction is very low. Strangely, this inner guide always has our best interests in “mind,” for lack of a better term.

Here is what I know about this force or guidance: When I listen to it, really listen and get it, then all manner of events fall together in perfect harmony and cadence. The time that it takes becomes irrelevant because that still, small voice seems not to operate on the man-made time zones we are all used to. Even with all the evidence presented here and the scores of other times when that which is within beckons me, I still sometimes balk when the unseen mentor suggests a course of action or change in my life. It’s a tough gig, this human thing, but the “being” part of me delights in watching me grow.”

John St. Augustine, in “Every Moment Matters”

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