BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 13th, 2020 by Terry Cole-Whittaker in LIVE YOUR BLISS

“Good health and vitality are influenced by the following four elements: (1) our thoughts and emotions, (2) what goes into and on the body, (3) the body’s activities, and (4) external circumstances. Holding on to grudges and resentments and seething with anger and envy lower our vibration and invite in lower-level energies that attack the body in the same that we attract unsavory people by negative thinking.

Ponder this: because we attract only those people, events, and conditions that match our frequency signature, when we keep our frequency signature as high as possible, nothing with a lower frequency, including viruses, people, and events, can enter our sphere. We are more powerful than anything in the universe, for we are spirits, godlike souls possessing the power of consciousness. For this reason, never give your faith or vote to any disease, person, or event that you do not want, because if you do, you will bring it into your life by giving it your soul power of manifestation.”

Terry Cole-Whittaker, in “Live Your Bliss”

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