BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 by David Simon in THE TEN COMMITTMENTS

“The law of gravity tells us that objects of mass exert attractive forces over each other. As a baseball falls to earth, the planet rises ever so slightly to meet it. In a similar way, anything that you possess exerts ownership over you. The house, automobile or business you call your own requires you to serve it. Knowing how things that you own have the tendency to own you, choose your material possessions consciously.

Make the commitment to keep abundance flowing regularly by clearing unnecessary clutter from your personal space. Clean your car, especially the trunk and glove box. Go through your closets, drawers attic, basement and garage, gathering up anything that you have not used for a while and are unlikely to use in the foreseeable future. Donate things that are not serving you to a local charity where they may add value to another’s life. Give your extra stuff away to open the channels of circulation for abundance to flow.”

David Simon, in “The Ten Commitments”

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