PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021 by Judith Valente & Paul Quenon in HOW TO BE

“You could say there are different degrees of friendship. Some are based on mutual pleasure and some on mutual interests and concerns, where both parties are turned to the same object – love shared together. But friendship in the strict sense, as I see it, is a face-to-face relationship, one in which I am interested in you for your own sake and you are interested in me for my own sake. Without this mutuality, there is no friendship in the fullest sense. Ultimate friendship is not about what others have or how they look. It’s not about how others can please me. It is pure, disinterested desire that others be who they are meant to be, and an abiding love even if they fail.”

Judith Valente & Paul Quenon, OSCO, in “How to Be”

Compiler’s Note: I received an advanced copy of this book from a friend. I’ve started reading it and am enjoying it.

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