PONDER on THIS for Friday, August 27th, 2021 by Anthony Watts in LOVING ON PURPOSE

“The words “I am” are a combination of the most energized and powerful words in the creation of what we desire to become or create. Placing the words “I am” in front of anything you believe to be true is as how farmers noticeably believe that when they plant their crops in the spring that they will be harvesting their crops in the fall! Neville Goddard himself states how God did not assume individuality, but the nature of humanity. Source energy or the energy of God dwells in you, for the words I am became flesh and dwells in us all which is a spiritual truth. I am that I am is spoken in many religions which can be referred to your consciousness. The “I am” factor is praised according to your conscious of which you are.

In today’s time and context many coaches and mentors teach how to change a paradigm through the repetition of affirmations. When they have their students begin their affirmation with “I am worthy of”…whatever their student’s conscious mind begins to realize that is true too and for them becomes true and for them effortlessly in divine time. We know that we are worthy of love and riches so we must protect our thoughts, emotions, and actions against all negative energies that pose a threat to our personal truths.”

Anthony Watts, in “Loving on Purpose”

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