BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 2nd, 2021 by James Eubanks in THE AWESOME DESIGN OF LIFE excerpted from GRATITUDE: A WAY OF LIFE

“If you are not yet someone who on a daily basis practices gratitude, like an unending prayer or background music for your life, I invite you to consider the possibility of doing so, beginning now. Come up to the higher room. Gratitude requires responsibility. See and begin to own your valuable contributions and talents. Acknowledge the people in your life: those you love, and those you may not love. In a true sense, they are all the same. They are your teachers. Be grateful for them. While doing so, realize how powerful you are, how moving your life is, and to what extent you are blessed in just being here. And then, watch what happens.”

James Eubanks, in “The Awesome Design of Life” excerpted from “Gratitude: A Way of Life”

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“Every time you close your eyes, you’ve been cut down to size, ’cause you’re stuck with yourself, ain’t nobody else in there to compare yourself to. It’s just you, and then you ask yourself, “What’s it all about?” So you try and figure it out, and that’s when you’ll be tempted to believe foolish things, and deceive yourself by lettin’ someone else do your thinking for you when they haven’t got a clue.”

Todd Rundgren, in the title cut from the CD “The Individualist”

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