BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 by Leo Buscaglia in LOVING EACH OTHER

“The very measure of a good relationship is in how much it encourages optimal intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. So, if a relationship becomes destructive, endangers our human dignity, prevents us from growing, continually depresses and demoralizes us – and we have done everything we can to prevent its failure – then, unless we are masochists and enjoy misery, we must eventually terminate it. We are not for everyone, and everyone is not for us. The question is, “If we cannot be with another, can we at least not hurt them? Can we, at least, find a way to coexist?”

Leo Buscaglia, in “Loving Each Other”

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“Jealousy requires turning one’s attention to one’s self and asking why is my self-esteem so low in the first place? I quite understand that this question may be difficult to answer. But at least it turns your concern to an area you can do something about.”

Rollo May

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