BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, September 12th, 2022 by Fr. Anthony DeMello in THE WAY TO LOVE

“Do you want a way to measure the degree of your rigidity and your deadness? Observe the amount of pain you experience when you lose a cherished idea or person or thing. The pain and the grief betray your clinging, do they not? Why is it you grieve so much at the loved one or the loss of a friend? You never took the time to seriously consider that all things change and pass away.

So death and loss and separation take you by surprise. You choose to live in a little attic of your illusion pretending that things will never change, that things will always be the same. That is why when life bursts into shatter your illusion you experience so much pain. In order to live you must look reality in the face, and then you will shed your fear of losing people and develop a taste for newness and change and uncertainty. You will shed your fear of losing the known and expectantly wait and welcome the unfamiliar and the unknown.”

Fr. Anthony DeMello, in “The Way to Love”

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