BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 14th, 2023 by William L. Murtha in DYING FOR A CHANGE

“Shutting out your internal pain is not right, regardless of what social conditioning teaches you. Instead, open up to your pain. Invite it in and listen to it, for a voice heard and understood will not then keep knocking on your door.

This is the greatest misunderstanding our culture has adopted. We should not hide away our collective pain. Being open to our feelings is where our salvation will be found. Do not try to mask your painful feelings, for all emotions are your messengers. They are bringing you the vital signposts needed on your personal journey.

What you have done in the past is not uncommon. You have always glossed over your negative emotions, plastering them over with positive thinking. Another way you’ve coped with it has been to keep yourself busy. But I tell you this: You should not run away and disregard your sadness or negative emotions, for they carry the antidote that you need to help move you to another level of understanding. And they carry the key that will open the door to a more enlightened way of living.”

William L. Murtha, in “Dying for a Change”

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