BEST of PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 by R. P. Sharpe in JOY POTENTIAL

“Every day, people awaken to what brings them joy and many don’t even see it coming. Sometimes it is a tragic event that shakes someone to the core. They then recognize the importance and fleeting nature of life – and with that comes a deep appreciation of living life to its fullest. Some people slowly come to realize what brings them joy. There are even some people who discover what they want by doing everything they do not want, a process of elimination of sorts. Then sadly there are those who choose not to look at joy at all and go to the grave missing the opportunity of life.

I know my view may seem pie in the sky, but it isn’t. From where I sit, I see it happen all the time. The difference between those that have joy and those that don’t, is belief in the possibility. Joy is celebrating the daily examples of happiness such as the innocent remarks of a child, or the kindness of a friend or stranger.”

R.P. Sharpe, in “Joy Potential ~ Where You’d Least Expect It”

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