BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, May 5th, 2023 by Theresa Crabtree in MAYAN MESSAGES: DAILY GUIDE TO SELF-EMPOWERMENT

“The manifestation process is a learned behavior. The word “infestation” is defined as a presence of a large number of pest organisms in or on a host. As a word play, we can look at the word “man-infestation” as applied to the large number of pesty thoughts that flow into your conscious and unconscious mind every moment.

How to control your thoughts? The first step is simple observation. Pay attention to your thoughts. How do you feel when you have this or that thought? Which thoughts do you respond to, which do you ignore? The next step is to look closer at your thoughts. Are some persistent? Which ones give you joy? Which ones create fear? Which ones would you like to act upon? Which ones would you like to ignore? Before manifestation occurs, you must first set your intention, to know and declare what you wish to experience. Once you have this clear vision, it is your responsibility to take your e-motions and put that energy into motion.

As you pay attention to your thoughts, nurture only those that lead to your desired outcome. When you have thoughts of fear, emotions you don’t like or persistent negative thoughts, then literally, think again. This is where practice makes perfect. When you have thoughts that lead you away from your intention or anything less than love, choose something else to think about. It is rather simple, but like any habit, it takes practice to change behaviors.”

Reverend Theresa Crabtree in “Mayan Messages: Daily Guide to Self-Empowerment”

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