BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, June 10th, 2024 by Neale Donald Walsch in MOMENTS OF GRACE

“It is the absolute refusal to consider any possibility other than the outcome you have selected that prepares the Field of Possibilities for a miracle. It is the further refusal to judge anything by its appearance that makes the moment ready for magic. In miracle working, you must be prepared to ignore the evidence of your own eyes, you must close up your ears, and you must be out of your mind. If you are in your head, if you are in your mind, you will think your way right out of the miracle. When you perform miracles, “you do the unthinkable.”

Now in order to do any of this, you must understand it. You must understand that Reality is not what it seems to be. You must be clear that we live in an Alice in Wonderland world, in which we all live by agreement that what is Real is not real, and that what is not Real is real. And you must understand that, as in Wonderland, everyone is making it all up. But here’s what they don’t tell you. The one who is “most convincing” is the one most likely to have it his/her own way.”

Neale Donald Walsch, in “Moments of Grace”

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