PONDER on THIS for Monday, December 27th, 2010 by Wayne W. Dyer in THERE’S A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM

“Always remember that you are connected eternally to God. You are a divine creation, and you do not want to fear your divinity any longer. You do not have to perform to anyone else’s standard to be loved; you are loved unconditionally. You do not have to be mistake-free; you are always loved. You do not have to win; you are loved regardless of the outcome or the score.

All the reasons that you have adopted to hate yourself are the result of a rigid belief that your ego is the dominant force in your life. Your ego believes you are separate from everyone else, and separate from God. Thus, that ego is always judging, evaluating, and comparing you to others. When you don’t measure up, you engage in self-contempt. Then you review how many times you failed and turn those self-perceived failures into self-hate.

As a spiritual being, you do not have to perform, compare, win, or anything else. Your worthiness is a given. You are a piece of God. Always connected. Remind yourself of this truth whenever you resort to any form of self-hatred.”

      Wayne W. Dyer, in “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”

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