BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, February 17th, 2011 by Dr. Stephen Russell in BAREFOOT DOCTOR’S GUIDE TO THE TAO

“Your system will function adequately on four hours’ sleep a day, with correct mental programming; however, this may deplete your adrenaline levels after a while. Seven hours a night is enough to get your dreaming and self-healing done and, if commenced before the witching hour, twelve midnight, will be more potent.

Sleep-time is when your body regenerates itself and your energy is renewed. Sleep whenever you like, if possible, but do most of it in one hit. As well as healing your body, sleep heals your mind, outlook, alertness, attitude and mood. Your spirit receives information, often premonitory in nature, while you dream. This information can be accessed by writing your dreams down as soon as you wake up (this becomes easier in time)…

Sleep on your right side, coiled up like a dragon, so that the blood can spend the night in your liver, being washed, and away from your heart. Excess blood in your heart during sleep-time will give you crazy or alarming dreams.”

          Stephen Russell, in “Barefoot Doctor’s Guide to the TAO”

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