PONDER on THIS Special Message for Sunday, April 13th, 2008 by Maureen Moss in LIVING AN UNCOMMON LIFE by John St. Augustine

“The word “‘transformation” means a change in composition or structure. We have been led to believe that this can be accomplished from the outside in and it can be if you want the results to last until the first payment book arrives in the mail or you see a better pair of shoes in the window. So we mostly go through our lives on the mouse wheel running without even knowing why, chasing some elusive idea of what we think life should be. And we wouldn’t even know if we arrived there because we have not taken the time to figure out who we are in relation to what we seek. But there is another option call it Plan B if you want – because I am here to tell you that Plan A isn’t working very well.”

Maureen Moss, quoted in “Living an Uncommon Life” by John St.Augustine

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