PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 by Marianne Williamson in THE GIFT OF CHANGE

“Often I’ve heard people complain about a plan that failed. “But it was a good idea! I don’t know why it didn’t succeed!” But though we might have thought something was a good idea, the mortal mind has a limited perspective on ‘good ideas.’ By what criteria can we discern a truly good idea, given our inability to know what will happen in the future, what lessons need to be learned by whom, and how our actions fit into God’s larger plan?

A blessed idea does not come from the mortal mind, which has no idea how our talents and abilities would work best within a larger unfolding good. And from a spiritual perspective, there is a larger plan of unfolding good, a will-to-healing that is built into the workings of the universe.”

Marianne Williamson, in “The Gift of Change”

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