PONDER on THIS for Friday, May 23rd, 2008 by Pete Koerner in THE BELIEF FORMULA

“Right living is the result of right thinking. You project right thoughts out ahead of you on the road of life, and then you experience the reality of living in those right thoughts when you have arrived at them – or more specifically, when time has delivered them to you. If you are experiencing turmoil, you are experiencing the result of at least one stray negative thought, or maybe an intentionally placed negative thought. The thought, which you may have long since forgotten, has come to fruition as an obstacle in your path. By redressing the original thought, or by creating a new thought to replace the negative one, we project better realities into our path and then we live the right thought.

The right thought leads to the living of that right thought – right thinking leads to right living. Any obstacle is but a moment of your life, unless you prolong the experience by dwelling there in your thoughts, instead of allowing that moment to fall into the past. Allow your mind to let go of the negative so it will be able to take hold of your next experience – hopefully one created with peace and joy in mind. Fill your life with pleasing thoughts of the reality you desire. Do not dwell on the negative. It takes right thinking to project positive experiences for ourselves, so get in the driver’s seat and get in the right lane to right living. It’s not that difficult, and your life will surely be a better place to live.”

Pete Koerner in “The Belief Formula”

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