PONDER on THIS Special Message for Saturday, May 24th, 2008 by Asara Lovejoy in THE ONE COMMAND

“Fear, lack, and insecurity are the emotions of your small self. Your small self believes that the fearful experiences from your childhood are true, and that you are powerless to change what you fear. As an adult, you may find yourself attracted to fearful ideas, which are prevalent almost everywhere…You go into agreement with those fears and ideas because, as a child, you were trained to agree with the outside authority of your parents, right or wrong. It’s natural to simply go along. It is natural from your tribal, instinctual brain to want to be part of the tribe and to agree with the rest of the pack as well.

We repeat the patterns of our earliest trauma because that is what the subconscious has learned. Now you can learn another way. In the simple process of going to that greater capacity within you, your Source Mind, you learn to think, feel, and react in another part of your consciousness. You are in your Source Mind when you lower your brain wave to theta. When you are connected to Source, you can instantly change any and all early traumatic patterns, activate your DNA for wealth, and add knowledge of new experiences you have never had before.”

Asara Lovejoy, in “The One Command”

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