BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, June 5th, 2008 by John Randolph Price in SUPERBEINGS

“You must never forget that whatever you hold in consciousness as the truth about yourself and God will be mirrored in the world about you. If you think there is good and evil, there will be. If you think that God can withhold your good from you, it will be held back. If you think you can be sick, you will be. If you think you will fail, you will surely do so. If you think of yourself as just a “human being” subject to the winds of fate, you will ride that roller-coaster all of your life, high one day and low the next, healthy and sick, plenty of money during “good”times and desperately in need of cash when times are “bad,” harmony followed by disorder, happiness and despair, peace and turmoil.

“But I’m only human,” you might say. “Everybody gets sick, or has an accident once in a while, or runs low on money, or has a blow-up with a neighbor.”

The idea that you are “only human” is simply not true and neither are you supposed to lead a less-than-perfect life on earth. “But what about my back and the payment on the car that’s past due and the unfair way I’m being treated at the office. Don’t tell me I’m in heaven. It’s more like hell.”

Then, it is a hell that you and you alone have created.”

John Randolph Price, in “Superbeings”

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