PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 by Joseph Murphy in THE AMAZING LAWS OF COSMIC MIND POWER

“True faith is based on the knowledge of the way your conscious and subconscious minds function and on the combined harmonious functioning of these two levels of mind scientifically directed. Blind faith is healing without any scientific understanding whatsoever of the forces involved. The voodoo doctor or witch doctor in the jungles of Africa heals by faith, and do so the bones of saints or anything else which moves man’s mind from fear to faith.

In all instances – regardless of the modus operandi, process, incantation, or invocation offered to saints and spirits – it is the subconscious mind that does the healing. Whatever you believe is operative instantly in your subconscious mind.”

Joseph Murphy, in “The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power”

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