PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, March 11th, 2009 by John St. Augustine in LIVING AN UNCOMMON LIFE

“Most of us have fallen into the trap of living backwards. The common life is defined as one that goes like this: Have it do itbe it. In other words, the things you “have” define what you “do” and that “creates” who you are. This commerce-centered existence says that if you have enough of the right things – houses, jeans, Ferraris, watches, friends – and do enough of the right things – perfect job, work out, run for office, hit the sales goal – you can be what you want to be. So, how’s it working for you so far? That’s what I thought.

The path to finding your voice involves reversing the order. “Being” just as you are comes first – with no strings attached – the good, the bad and the ugly…Yeah, it takes work, but here’s the cool part: once you reverse the order, the more you “be” and the less you “do,” the more you’ll “have.”

John St. Augustine, in “Living an Uncommon Life”

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