PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 by Alan Cohen in WHY YOUR LIFE SUCKS…AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT

“If you are losing energy in the form of joy, health, money, or love, you have a leak in your system. There is no malevolent parasite that has invaded your world and is undermining you. Your leak is on your property, and you have access to repair it.

The entire game of life is about making the best use of your energy. The question is not, “Is there a life after death?” The question is, “Is there a life before death?” To answer this for yourself – and live it – you must quit doing things that deplete your energy and start doing things that expand it. Moses delivered Ten Commandments that point to how to accomplish this, but A) Nobody wants to be commanded; B) Charlton Heston resigned as Moses to become head of the N.R.A.; and C) Nobody has enough patience on the Internet for ten commandments to download. So here is everything you need to know to relocate from Suckville:

Do what brings you life.

Do not do what deadens you.”

Alan Cohen, in “Why Your Life Sucks…And What You Can Do About It”

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