BEST of PONDER on THIS for Thursday, August 27th, 2009 by Stuart Wilde in THE LITTLE MONEY BIBLE

“People come to believe that being dishonest, covert, sneaky, and manipulative is normal. It is not; it’s very dark. Being on a power trip is also dark. That power may come from your physical strength, or it may be financial, political, or military power. Sometimes we become experts at wielding sexual and emotional clout, tormenting others with our control over them.

Almost all power is abused. That’s how we learn. We have to become strong inwardly and outwardly, without misusing the power we have. It’s very hard to get it right, and most of us err. Some lust for power. They get off on emotionally or psychically capturing others and maneuvering them. Bad karma.

We are also taught to lie, exaggerate, and obscure fact. We lie by omission, seeking to sustain one image while living another. To the student on the path, all of these are traps, and they have to be sorted out, for when you lie, it is to yourself. When you cheat, it’s the same. When you manipulate, you are creating a prison for yourself as well as your victims. In the end, everything you do is to yourself. There is only the Oneness, so all acts are self-infliction.”

Stuart Wilde, in “The Little Money Bible”

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