PONDER on THIS for Monday, January 25th, 2010 by Richard Blackstone in NUTS & BOLTS SPIRITUALITY

“You may be in a circumstance where you feel you have no control, but every circumstance is external, and every state of being is internal. No matter what is happening external to you, you still have ultimate choice over how you choose to “be” concerning it. We have gotten ourselves under the illusion that we can’t control how we feel about something and therefore how we choose to be. This illusion stems from our prior history were we made so many of our choices automatically that when we faced a similar situation, we once again automatically chose the same state of being. It may be automatic but it is still a choice.

When this happens, the illusion tells us that it looks like what other people or circumstances are doing is making us respond the way we do. Nothing, no person, place, or thing is making you do anything. When you do something it is because you choose to do it because of your state of being. The key is to choose the state of being consciously when confronted with exterior experiences, instead of automatically going to a state of being that has been programmed into you by your memory.”

Richard Blackstone, in “Nuts & Bolts Spirituality”

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“BEST of BONUS” Bonus PONDER on This

“It’s fairly common for people to go through their lives with someone to blame: “My Jewish guilt,” or “My parents,” Or “Society made me do it.” There are any number of conditions as to why your life didn’t turn out the way you intended it to. My whole philosophy has always been that there is no way to change anything in the world if you don’t have the capacity to change yourself. Therefore, if you’re not satisfied with the way the world is, or if you think the world can be better, you have to figure out a way to know yourself and better yourself. Then you have the assurance that something in the world has improved.”

Todd Rundgren (singer and songwriter)

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