PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 by Ping LI in AWAKENING

“Your experience of life at this moment is what your life is all about. The present moment is all you have; it is your gateway to manifesting your destiny in life. Your experience in the present moment determines the quality of your life. The present moment is all you have to work with to align yourself with infinite love, light, creativity, possibility, receptivity, harmony, beauty, abundance and perfection of the universe. This moment allows you to discover the true essence of your soul and higher self, fulfill your life’s purpose, and awaken to the presence of the god and goddess within your being.

Your past is gone. You’ve already walked that journey. You have two choices: you can either use your past to learn more about the truth of yourself and your life as you go forward, or you can go forward carrying regret, pain and suffering from your past mistakes. Mistakes are there for you to learn the lessons of your life, not to punish yourself. Your soul wants you to learn from your mistakes, not carry them like a huge burden on your journey. So many of us choose to carry the wounds and pain of the past, unaware that in order to heal our emotional wounds we must let go of our past mistakes.

The emotional wounds from our past adversely affect our energy field, our mental, emotional and physical states, and our life experiences. The pain we harbor now will create many more painful experiences in our lives. Covering up our pain will devastate our soul, our well-being and our happiness in life.”

Ping Li, in “Awakening”

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