PONDER on THIS for Friday, March 12th, 2010 by William L. Murtha in DYING FOR A CHANGE

Will Murtha: I understand much of what you are saying, but I’m still struggling to find out where I went drastically off course.

Voice of Higher Presence: Life is a walk, not a sprint. Do not chastise yourself, as you have done many times before, when the answers to life first elude you. Your life is a journey, not a fixed destination. Therefore, allow the truth you are constantly searching for to slowly bubble to the surface. If you would have taken more time with the important issues in your life, then many of your answers would have been revealed. Only when you slow down can the truth to your life be uncovered.

In your insane drive to be someone in life, you unfortunately looked past the very essence of what is important. You took for granted those things of beauty that you should have cherished close to your heart. Just ponder for a moment. You enjoyed great health. You had a secure, loving family. Yet this was all taken for granted. You wanted more, and yet, sadly, you did not realize that life’s treasures were already in your possession.”

William L. Murtha, in “Dying for a Change”

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