PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 by Rosanna Ienco in AWAKENING THE DIVINE SOUL

“There are many things in your life for you to be grateful for. Take the time to make a list of eleven of them. Really feel each one by going through the list individually. Breathe in the love and gratitude, let it flow through your entire being, touching your very core—your soul. Now repeat the words “Thank You,” four times. Let the energy flow out of your body to the Universe.

Go out into nature and give thanks to all that surrounds you. Notice the flowers, the trees and the wildlife. Study each small detail more carefully than you ever have before. Connect with their essence by breathing it in. Become one with the energy, giving thanks again for the beauty they are sharing. Feel the beauty you have inside yourself. If you are able, travel to a lake or ocean. Find yourself an inviting spot on the shore, where you can listen to the waves. Notice the rhythm of the waves as they flow towards you. Connect with each rhythmic movement of the water until you merge with their energy, becoming one with the waves and dancing with them.

Give thanks and be grateful for each natural rhythm that you experience throughout your life and continue to dance with it.

Rosanna Ienco, in “Awakening the Divine Soul”

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