PONDER on THIS for Friday, April 16th, 2010 by Maria Mar in CATCH THE DREAM EXPRESS

“When the beliefs you inherited from your Ancestors are healthy, relevant to the present and effectively moving you towards your dreams, they are the Ancestors’ Gifts. They are the air under your wing.

But when they are obsolete, based on negative worldview and embedded in a life-or-death pattern drenched in fear, these old beliefs are your Shadow Inheritance. This inheritance holds you back. It is an invisible shackle solidly built in your subconscious. The links of that chain are made of expectations, assumptions, learned defensive patterns and a cast-iron worldview. It has nothing to do with what you consciously believe. It may hold you back against your own conscious, chosen values, beliefs and dreams. The subconscious runs about 95 percent of your life, so that is a BIG chain. That heavy chain keeps you a prisoner of the past.

A great part of your self-development path is to release those learned limitations…When you assume responsibility for choosing your beliefs and acting towards your goals, you chose freedom. Freedom is a path to love.”

Maria Mar, in “Catch the Dream Express”

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