PONDER on THIS for Monday, April 19th, 2010 by Laura Alden Kamm in INTUITIVE WELLNESS

“Along your spiritual path you may encounter dark nights of the soul when you feel lost, powerless, and alone in the world. If you experience any of these feelings, take a piece of paper and write the following three words in this order:


Put this piece of paper where you can see it all the time – on your refrigerator, your computer monitor, the bathroom mirror, or anyplace in your house that calls to you (remember to use your intuition, even in such seemingly simple situations). Look at the words for a moment. If you feel power – not power over someone or something but empowered – you will own and feel secure in your concept of self.

If you feel power in this way, you will automatically have faith – faith in yourself, faith in God, faith in what you are doing. Further, if you have power and faith, you will have trust – trust that outcome of all things will be for your highest good. You will also trust in the universal support system that weaves itself throughout nature and life itself.”

Laura Alden Kamm, in “Intuitive Wellness”

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