PONDER on THIS for Friday, May 21st, 2010 by John St. Augustine in EVERY MOMENT MATTERS

“One of the best ways to mind your own business is to be about the difficult task of honoring another’s path, even if you think they are going the wrong way…To watch someone for whom you care deeply go down a path that, by all indications, is negative or not good for them is a major challenge. As the parent of two young adults I grapple every day with the penchant to step in when I see what I deem is a step in the wrong direction. However, as the old adage goes, that which hurts instructs.

I am not suggesting that we deliberately put ourselves in harm’s way. But we humans as a species seem to learn more from our hurts (which can take a long time) than we do from our hits (which we tend to “skip” over and downplay). No one – often not even the person involved in a “situation” – can predict what life-changing lesson or opportunity will come out of what seems to be a bad move at the surface.

History is filled with men and women whose lives were changed for the better when things looked the darkest. If you dig into the biographies of some of our most successful leaders, you will most likely find a time or ten when a situation appeared that challenged them to move up to the next level. It was only by going through the difficult times that the better times showed up.”

John St. Augustine, in “Every Moment Matters”

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