PONDER on THIS for Friday, October 22nd, 2010 by John St. Augustine in LIVING AN UNCOMMON LIFE

“Worry is like chewing gum – it’s something you do, but it really doesn’t get you anywhere. Worrying about your past mistakes and regrets blocks your ability to forgive and move forward. The human mind cannot consider two opposing thoughts at the same time. It does not know past from present or future; it only acts on what it sees. Take some time to make a list of you mistakes, screw-ups, lies, and sins – whatever vernacular works for you – big and small. Only you know what you need to “for-give” so you can “for-get.”

Just as there seems to be no order to miracles, there is no order to the things that can be forgiven. Getting right with yourself and “blessing the mess” you have created will help you see your journey in a new, more empowering light. Write it all down, then burn it, share it, or keep it for those days when you think forgiving yourself is out of reach. We have all made a mess of things at one time or another. That’s what mistakes are for – to learn how not to do something.”

John St. Augustine, in “Living an Uncommon Life”

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