PONDER on THIS for Friday, November 5th, 2010 by William L. Murtha in DYING FOR A CHANGE

Will Murtha: And what you are saying is that we are infinitely more than our thoughts.

Voice of Higher Presence: You have no idea how much more. Break free of this contained way of thinking, and you will see that the entire universe opens up before you, and inside of you. It is a tragedy that so many people spend most of their time trapped in this contained way of existing throughout life. They are so convinced that there is nothing more than their minds that they waste their lives churning over the same old thoughts. They are so addicted to their thoughts and entrenched beliefs that they look right through the great unseen and the perfection of the divine.

Then, one day, something extraordinary happens. They suddenly realize, to their amazement, that they had forgotten about creativity. They may have neglected to attend to their creative urges, but when they reappear, people are astonished. They’re shocked because it’s as if a whole new universe has opened up for them. And, of course, that’s exactly what has occurred. An entirely new universe of wonderment, curiosity and inspiration suddenly comes flooding back into their presence.”

William L. Murtha, in “Dying for a Change”

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