PONDER on THIS for Monday, November 8th, 2010 by Nan Akasha in ALREADY RICH

“Have you ever heard someone say “but money isn’t important” or “it’s not about the money?” It is interesting to me that the people who say those things make the assumption that anyone actively focused on wealth, only wants the money. What good is money just to have money? As if the money itself had any value! The money itself has no meaning, no value in and of itself. We are the ones that give money its meaning and wrap it up in emotion. But I don’t believe anyone is seeking money for money. Everyone has needs and desires and they are driven by what’s underneath…the joy and happiness they will feel when they get what they want. Having a passion about what you love and what meets your need for purpose, love and happiness is what fuels your focus towards wealth.

No one actually seeks wealth just to be wealthy, just to “show off”. If it appears they do, that is insecurity and not what they truly want. They want love, and approval. Anyone who thinks it is bad to actively seek wealth has their own issues with money. I have not met one single person who does not have some issues over money and wealth. Even very wealthy ones. The most common are fear of failure and fear of success, fear of loss and fear of being greedy or bad. Money does not mean any of these things, unless you decide to choose that meaning for it.”

Nan Akasha, in “Already Rich”

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