PONDER on THIS for Friday, December 3rd, 2010 by Tara Singh in NOTHING REAL CAN BE THREATENED

“Truth is accessible where there is attention. Attention is absolutely essential. When thought interferes, we begin to doubt and problems begin. Doubt brings confusion, lack of direction, and fear. It isolates us and we forget who we are. Then we think we are bodies and the external world of fear, selfishness, and insecurity becomes very real to us.

The origin of the world we see – a world that is brutal, tyrannical, and devoid of love – is doubt. If we had trust, there would be no such problem at all. But trust is a difficult thing. Can we see, then, that the issue is a matter of choice between trust and doubt? It can be that simple. And you and I must make the decision in our lives to be with doubt or with trust.

If you are with trust, the illusions of doubt no longer have sway over you. If you are with doubt, that is your reality and you will settle for belief in flags, nationalities, and religious dogmas. For the person who chooses doubt, fear becomes the basis of his life.”

Tara Singh, in “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened”

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