BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 by Dan Millman in WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR

“Emotions are a natural human capacity, a form of expression. Sometimes it’s appropriate to express fear, sorrow, or anger – but the energy should be directed completely outward, not held in. The expression of emotions should be complete and powerful, then should vanish without a trace. The way to control your emotions, then, is to let them flow and let them go.

When a baby is upset it expresses itself in banshee wails – pure crying. It doesn’t ponder about whether it should be crying. If the baby is angry, it very definitely lets you know. But this too, it lets go of very quickly’ can you imagine a baby’s feeling guilty about its anger? Babies let it flow and let it go. They express themselves fully and then shut up. Infants are fine teachers, and they demonstrate the right use of energy.”

Dan Millman, in “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”

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