PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 8th, 2011 by Sanaya Roman in PERSONAL POWER THROUGH AWARENESS

“You have been given the gift of thought to help you gain mastery over your lower self. Thought is a useful tool for personal transformation. Your mind is a marvelous instrument, capable of bringing the light of wisdom where there is ignorance and darkness. If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, begin by writing affirmations such as, “The universe is working in perfect harmony. Everything happens for my highest good. I now see a universe of beauty and perfection.”

Think these things; say them over and over. Flood your mind with a voice that says, “Things are positive, things are working in my favor, all is order and harmony.” The more you fill your mind with positive thoughts, the more you will turn down the volume of your emotions. Affirm spiritual truths and the principles of the soul, such as harmony, balance, and peace. If you keep saying these high words, the very vibration of them will begin to calm your emotions. It requires discipline and practice. There are no easy solutions. You must truly intend and will yourself into higher places, then the results you want will follow.”

Sanaya Roman, in “Personal Power through Awareness”

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