PONDER on THIS for Thursday, October 20th, 2011 by John St. Augustine in LIVING AN UNCOMMON LIFE

of us go through life afraid – and with good reason. We are shown
images every single day that validate our suspicion that the world is a
place to be feared!…We have programmed ourselves into a constant state
of fear, which contributes very little to living an uncommon life.
Faith is the only antidote I know of for “fear overdose.” Faith has many
definitions: belief in a force greater than oneself, fidelity to one’s
promises, and a strong belief or conviction.

I am partial to St. Augustine’s view of faith: to believe what you do not see.
The reward of this faith is to see what you believe. In order to fear
something, you have to believe in it. The same goes for faith.
Essentially, you bring forth that on which you focus. If what we focus
on expands, then it is possible that fear is nothing more than the opportunity to display faith. They are two sides of the same coin.”

           John St. Augustine, in “Living an Uncommon Life”

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Compiler’s Note: Those who’ve been receiving “Ponder” messages for a while know that I’ve used numerous excerpts from this book over the past three years. The reason is simple, this work has excellent content, and, I really like the author’s authenticity. Recently, WGN Radio in Chicago (AM 720) hired John St. Augustine to host a talk show on Sunday afternoons from 1 – 4 PM CST (2-5 EST & 11AM-2PM PST), and after tuning in the past few weekends I feel inspired to give it a big “Thumbs Up.” Subscribers in the Chicago area and beyond can tune their radio dial to WGN AM 720, and those outside of the broadcast area can listen in on the Internet by clicking on the graphic to your right. Try it, you’ll like it!

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