PONDER on THIS for Thursday, December 8th, 2011 by Elaine Smitha in SCREWING MOTHER NATURE FOR PROFIT

“If you hate your job, look for another. Life is too short to spend it being miserable, because your body and its health will suffer. Since cells eavesdrop on all your conversations, spoken aloud or not, it is easy to understand why unhappiness breeds sickness. You are taking care of more than one life within you. Trillions of cells depend on you, as if they were your children. In a way, they are your children, and as heirs to the title of lineage, the have a vested interest.

If you’re concerned about your health, identify your limits. If stress is the biggest block to your success, you may want to find interests with lower demands. Turn your ear to mellow instrumental music that plays well in the background and does not ask for your participation. It helps to reduce your stress in situations that by their very nature tax the system.”

            Elaine Smitha, in “Screwing Mother Nature for Profit”

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