BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, December 9th, 2011 by Dan Millman in WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR

“As a child, everything you would see or experience was an enriching experience. Now, you’ve learned names and categories for everything. “That’s good, that’s bad, that’s a table, that’s a chair, that’s a dog, that’s a house,” etc. Now, you don’t take time to be truly aware of the things around you.  

You now see everything through a veil of associations about things, projected over a direct, simple awareness. You’ve “seen it all before;” it’s like watching a movie for the twentieth time. You see only memories of things, so you become bored. Boredom, you see, is fundamental non-awareness of life; boredom, is awareness, trapped in the mind. You’ll have to lose your mind before you can come to your senses.”

            Dan Millman, in “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”

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