PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 by Gary Spinell in IT WAS YOU, ALL ALONG

“If you do not believe you are worthy, you will attract people into your life who are not worthy enough, or make you feel unworthy, in either case matching your belief. When you allow someone to act in an undesirable way around you, and furthermore, you tolerate the behavior, you are encouraging more of the same behavior from that person. By tolerating and encouraging more of this intolerable behavior, you are disrespecting yourself. Think about that. This whole process is not about the other person. It’s about you.

You are disrespecting yourself when you allow someone to have an impact on your life inconsistent with the way you want to live your life. I am not saying the resulting experience for you is the fault of the other person. Rather, it is you who is deciding to continue these events in your life, and continue to perpetuate them every time they occur. It is imperative you break through your old belief patterns and view your beliefs from a different perspective. If you have low self-esteem and are seeking a partner who will sweep you off your feet and care for you, you will not find him or her. More importantly you will only find a person who matches the way you perceive yourself. You will attract to you a person who is also dependent, the exact opposite of what you want.”

Gary Spinell, in “It Was You, All Along”

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